It’s advisable that a reader gets these documents for a comprehensive understanding of the existing proclamations and regulations.

Declaration, Examination and Release of Goods

1. Lodgment of Customs declaration
2. Supporting Documents of Customs Declaration
3. Verification of Documents and Examination of Goods
4. Examination at the request of Importer
Delivery of Goods

If any importer or his agent believes that the goods have suffered damage, short or pilfered in route may request for prior examination of the goods before the lodgment of goods declaration.
Where the request made in accordance and its reason are justified by the Authority; goods examination may be carried out upon payment of service charge.
Customs declaration shall, therefore, be filled in accordance with the examination report. Service charges for prior examination of goods shall be prescribed by directives issued by the Authority

1. On the lodgment of customs declaration and declaration of facts the following original documents in support shall be supplied to customs in a number of copies fixed by the Authority:
- Transportation document
- Price document (commercial invoice)
- Bank permit
- Packing list
- Certificate of origin, and
- Other necessary documents to be prescribed in the directives issued by the Authority
2. Transportation document that is required in support of export goods shall be a document that is used as evidence for the transpiration of goods up to the customs port of exit.
3. The Authority may require any document to be presented in an Amharic translation made by official translators.
4. Customs declaration shall be acceptable where the necessary documents which are prescribed under this Article are presented and approved by the customs officer.

All goods listed in customs declaration shall be removed from the warehouse by the owner or his agent immediately upon the accomplishment of customs formalities.
Goods which are not removed from the warehouse with in the period specified in sub-Article (3) of Article 43 of the proclamation shall be sold or disposed otherwise as deemed abandoned to the customs.